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May 22, 2017

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May 15, 2017


Home decor and design trends we’ll be watching in 2018

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Results are in and the moody grey hues are out. Forget magic mirrors and crystal balls, here’s what hot for the year ahead: Modern farmhouse Rustic country styling is going…

The hottest Christmas trends of 2017

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Hit the panic button - 5 Friday's til Christmas! And trust us - you do NOT want to be at K-Mart on Christmas Eve playing tug-o-war with another shopper for...
Dulux Colour Trends 2018 Blue Biro

Melbourne Property Styling Blogs

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Melbourne Property Styling Blog Inspiration Even Property Stylists need inspiration from time to time. After styling homes across Melbourne day in and day out, we are always on the hunt...
Property Styling Prices Melbourne

Property Styling Prices in Melbourne

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Would you like to know more about property styling prices in Melbourne? In our Melbourne Property Styling Price Guide you'll get reliable data from the 2016/17 financial year about both...


What is a Property Styling Agreement?

You’ll receive an email with a link to a Property Styling Agreement once you accept your Property Styling Quotation.  Please complete the form, review the terms and conditions and submit the form.

A property styling agreement sets out critical responsibilities in our Terms and Conditions and covers all sorts of issues that can arise including;

  • When is payment due?
  • What happens if your home isn’t ready on styling day?
  • Is the stock insured?
  • Who is responsible for damage to stock or the property?

We also need you to add important information like access details for the styling day, confirming whether power is on at the property and providing permission (or not!) to use hooks in your walls.

We need this back at least two work days prior to styling.   If we don’t receive this back on time, your styling date may be deferred.

When will I be invoiced?

You will also receive an email, with a link to your invoice not long after accepting your quotation.

It has our account details if you’d like to do a bank transfer or a link to a secure online payment gateway for credit card payments.

Please note we don’t accept Amex or Diners.

We won’t reserve or pack property styling for your installation until payment is received so it’s critical to ensure payment is made in full at least two work days prior to styling.

What is Style Now Pay Later?

This is a layby service allowing you to access property styling and home improvement services up to the value of $15,000.  It is interest free and you can pay it out any time but there are some set up and other fees involved.  It is not a creditapplication and won’t appear on your credit history.

If you would like to use our Style Now Pay Later service you must let us know as soon as possible, you can also select this option when completing your Property Styling Agreement.    This service is provided by a third party so we need a separate application form completed.  This will be emailed to you so please complete and return it asap so that we can submit it to Certegy for approval.

Once approved you will need to send us a Verification Code and then you will receive your Layby Contract.  Once you have read it please accept the Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is also required at least two work days prior to styling.  If we don’t receive this back on time, your styling date may be deferred.

Moving your Furniture / Storage

If you need to remove your furniture or store items during your sale campaign we can refer you to some great mover’s that we use and trust.  Unfortunately we can’t move or store your furniture and belongings for you.

Not quite ready?

We know that a lot is happening when you are preparing a property for sale and it won’t always run smoothly. If you believe your property styling may be affected or need to be delayed please let us know at least 2 work days prior to styling.

If you don’t let us know until the day before or day of styling and can’t style the property as it isn’t cleared or ready you will be charged a call out fee to cover the Removalists and staff time. This is detailed in our terms and conditions.

We will then endeavor to schedule your styling for the next available day

What Happens on the Styling Day?

In the lead up to your styling installation day we will be in touch to confirm access instructions and update you with our expected ETA.  We require that occupants / owners etc not be home or present during styling so that we get a clear run at the Styling and to ensure we maintain a safe work environment.

We will keep you posted on how long the styling will take and if any delays are expected.  We will then follow through on any arrangements to secure the property after our departure.

After Styling

While we don’t expect anything to go wrong during your styling period occasionally small things have happened like an art work falling off a wall. Simply call 131 546 or email hello@jimsinteriordesign.com.au and we will come out to fix the situation.


We will be in touch a few days prior to the end of your styling contract period to confirm arrangements to unstage your property.  This will involve confirming access arrangements and

What if the Property Doesn't Sell?

A tiny percentage (less than 2% of homes we style, fail to sell at auction or within their 6 week contract period.  Should this occur we may be able to offer an extension if the furniture and furnishings have not yet been committed to another job.  We will always endeavour to make an extension happen but cannot guarantee it.

Throughout this process we will be in touch with you and you will receive emails and txt messages from us about important tasks and key dates.

If you have any additional questions you can contact us on 131 546 or email hello@jimsinteriordesign.com.au.


“At Jim’s Interior Design, we believe that Property Styling and Interior Design is for everyone.”

Using a Property Styler or Interior Designer has been considered a nice but, not affordable, luxury.

Everyday home owners have put their home up for sale, without sorting, fixing or staging it.  They’ve hoped for the best and taken what they could. Home owners have often deferred or never started the renovations they wanted to create a home they love. More pressing expenses, like the mortgage, had to be prioritised!

Jim’s Interiors is changing all of that.

At first glance, Jim -the mowing man with the hat and beard- is not the obvious choice for interior design, but stick with us.  Jim’s is recognised by over 94% of the Australian population for a reason.  We are in and out of homes every day. Fixing and servicing them, whether its your lawns, washing your dog or fixing your antenna and much much more.

We are big, very big.  We create economies of scale and pass them onto you.

We’re also bringing Lay-by to the home staging, interior design and home storage industry, for the first time.  Layby? Yep.  

For most of our services its just a 10% deposit, then you choose your repayments. There’s no interest and you can pay it out whenever you want with no penalty.

Who’s behind Jim’s Interiors?

Suzanne Commerford

Suzanne Commerford is the founding Franchisor of Jim’s Interiors.  She approached Jim Penman with the concept in September 2015 and by the 1st February 2016, Jim’s Interiors launched.

This isn’t the first time around the franchising block for Suzanne.  Suzanne first got involved with Jim’s (much to her own surprise) when her husband bought a franchise in 2009.  By 2010 Suzanne and her husband Paul had set up a new Division of the Jim’s Group, Building Inspections.  In just a few short years years it’s become Australia’s largest home and asbestos inspection business in Australia.

After coordinating a charitable project Random Acts of Maintenance, Suzanne identified some gaps in the Jim’s service offering.  These experiences along with practical experience Renovating for Profit, Suzanne spotted the opportunity in the market place and took it.

* Data has been gathered using local and international studies on the Property Styling and Home Staging Industry.  In Australia this is the figure for return on investment quoted by the industry association IIHS and is Australia’s premier property styling and home staging education provider