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Property Styling Suppliers

We’ve included in this post some of our primary suppliers of Property Styling Stock so that you can make an informed decision about which property stylist to use.  We’ve made a decision not use budget or cheap options for property styling stock for a couple of reasons.

  1. The quality doesn’t withstand the rigours of property styling work.
  2. It’s evident.

So here are some of major suppliers of furniture and accessories for you to check out.

Property Styling Suppliers – Furniture

Our main furniture items are supplied in Melbourne by wholesalers like:


SK Designer Living



Property Styling Suppliers – Cushions and Throws


Madras Link

IDC Creations



Property Styling – Floor Rugs


IDC Creations

United Interiors

Property Styling – Art Suppliers

United Interiors


Property Styling – Accessory Suppliers



Nel Lusso



Property Styling – Lighting Suppliers

SK Living





If you know of anyone passionate about property, renovating and interior design we are quickly expanding nationally and are offering franchises as well as just one Regional Management opportunity in each state. 

Property Styling Prices in Melbourne

Property Styling Prices Melbourne

Would you like to know more about property styling prices in Melbourne?

In our Melbourne Property Styling Price Guide you’ll get reliable data from the 2016/17 financial year about both the property styling prices but also and more importantly your expected return on investment.

How would you like to make $1947 for every $1 you invest? Me too!

Well that is what our client’s have averaged over the past year.  That’s a return on investment that is up there with some of the most trusted and reliable home improvements before sale.  The RoI comes in time savings, peace of mind and physical dollars in your back pocket.  It’s important to understand property styling pricing in the context of it’s rewards and returns.

Property Styling Prices – Melbourne 2016/17

  • Average price of all property styling services in Melbourne 2016/17


  • Average price of *Partial Property Styling – Melbourne


  • Average price of Full Property Styling – Melbourne


*Partial Property Styling refers to usually owner occupied homes where only some furniture and accessories are provided along with design support.  This could also include vacant properties where the vendor elects to exclude some rooms from the property styling project.

Property Styling Melbourne
Property Stylists Melbourne

Property Styling Prices – Melbourne 2016/17

  • 1 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average*


  • 2 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average


  • 3 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average


  • 4 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average




*The average referred to is inclusive of both partial and full property styling services for homes of the nominated size.

Property Styling Prices – Benefits and RoI

  • Reduction in Days on Market

    37% reduction in days on market.  Homes we style sell on average 36 days faster than the suburb average.  This is a direct return on investment, saving you real dollars in mortgage payments.

  • Improvement on Suburb Clearance rate

    20% improvement on suburb clearance is achieved, which means that your chances of selling are improved. 98% property styled by us sells which equals peace of mind for you.  The current clearance rate in Melbourne hovers around the mid 70% mark.

  • Sell your home for more

    8% improvement on the suburb average and 5% improvement on your advertised price is achieved on average through property styling.  For our customers over the past year that has meant an extra $61,500 on average in real dollars in their back pocket come the final sale price.

  • Return on Investment

    For every $1 invested in property styling with us, our clients are averaging a return of $1947.  Not bad, if we don’t say so ourselves!

Property Styling Melbourne Fitzroy

Why the difference in Property Styling Prices between 3 and 4 Bed Homes?

The main reason for the jump in the average property styling prices for a 4 bedroom home (compared to a 3 bedroom home) is due to the fact that most 4 bed homes will have a second living space.

They are also more likely to have a study and a secondary dining space (ie a formal dining and an informal meals space).  It is often the case that homes of this size will also have more than one outdoor space.  Often these areas will have larger entry or foyer and hall spaces as well.

Ultimately it’s not the 4th Bedroom that adds so much to the property styling price but the ancillary rooms that come with larger homes.


If you know of anyone passionate about property, renovating and interior design we are quickly expanding nationally and are offering franchises as well as just one Regional Management opportunity in each state. 

Tips – How long does it take to stage your home?

How long does it take to stage your home for sale?

There are known peaks and troughs in the real estate market. ‘Everyone’ wants to sell in spring and summer, but not too near Christmas, or a long weekend and make sure your auction isn’t rained on during winter. You will hear it all as you plan to sell.

For every article telling you to sell in spring I can show you one that says you can sell just as well in winter.

The whole concept of summer, autumn, winter or spring sales are probably restricted to the southern capital

cities. The further north you go the variation diminishes significantly in Australia anyway.

A beautifully staged home, with a roaring fire and cosy styling, will delight and inspire buyers in winter just as well as a home styled for sale in spring. Weather aside, your timeframe will also be determined by factors like your family plans, external deadlines and much more. Whatever the situation consider the end

goal (the next home you want to be in and when that will be) and work backwards from there.

Here is an example of how this might work:

» You want the kids settled by January into new home ready for school start in February

» Allow up to three months settlement period on any offer you make on that home

» A six week house hunting period prior to that

» Three months for your home to have settled

» Eight week sale campaign prior to that

» Four to six weeks to prepare your house for sale, appoint an agent and prepare marketing

» That’s 44 weeks of prior planning and preparation to be ready for a school term start in February!!!

You can offer incentives for early settlement, organised people can get their house on the market in a week if they have to and if you are anything like the hubby and me, we bought the first Saturday we went looking.

However, without external pressure, you could easily spend up to 44 weeks getting out of one property and

into the next. If you are disorganised or indecisive it could take much longer.

Jim’s Property Styling Suppliers

Jim's Property Styling Stock Melbourne

After price, one of our client’s first questions is about the quality of Jim’s property styling stock.

It’s a great question to ask your stylist, and it’s also the first question we ask our customers when they start the process of comparing property styling quotations!  It is often the quality of the property styling stock that can be the greatest variable in how and why stylists quotations will differ.  This article about Jim’s Property Styling stock will hopefully answer many of your questions.

What is Property Styling Stock?

Property styling stock is the furniture, accessories, artwork, linen, floor rugs, lamps and much more that you will be hiring when engaging a property stylist.

This property styling stock is usually housed in a warehouse, which is what we do.  However, depending on the size of the property styling business it may be kept in the stylist’s home or garage or an offsite storage facility if they don’t have a dedicated business premise.

Here are just a few of the sources of property styling stock used in the industry:

  • Retail Purchasing The stylist simply buys at Adairs, Kmart, Ikea, Beacon or other retail store just like any consumer
  • Wholesale Purchasing: The stylist sources stock not available directly to the public, at wholesale providers and prices* (This is primarily how we purchase)
  • Importing: The stylist imports stock in bulk quantities, this activity is usually limited to only the largest property stylists. (We’re not there yet!)
  • Seconds and samples: The stylist, due to their industry contacts, is offered seconds, ex-display items and samples at a discounted price* (we are sometimes able to get samples and exdisplay artworks from our suppliers like Bayliss Rugs and United Interiors)
  • Liquidators and Auctions: The stylist can often source and attend commercial auctions and clearances allowing them to pick up various as new or unboxed ex display items* (we also purchase in this manner)
  • E-Bay, Buy Sell Swap pages and Gumtree: This generally involves buying used goods and whilst its not a practice we engage in it can happen across the industry.  Sometimes you can get a fantastic outcome and I am all for reusing and recycling but there is also a greater array of risk and the stock is effectively ‘used’ or often tired
  • Op Shops and Flea Markets:  This is quite similar to Ebay and Gumtree in the risk level.  Again not something we do but, its not an unheard of practice.  Although I do proudly, and with a lot of personal enjoyment, love browsing the shelves of ops shops for  buy second hand books for our property styling
Property Styling Melbourne Fitzroy

Property Styling Stock Quality Varies

Even when purchasing wholesale, which is how Jim’s property styling stock is acquired (except for secondhand books which I love sourcing from Op Shops!), the quality of the stock can vary greatly.  This variation can even occur within the stock ranges held by a supplier.

We’ve experienced first hand that we can buy amazing occasional chairs from one supplier but that the entertainment units they supplied were of a noticeably poorer quality and in the end they didn’t stand up to the rigors of our industry and have been phased out.    It’s critical to be able to strike a balance when selecting property styling stock to ensure that the furniture you purchase is:

  • On trend by not trendy
  • Damage resistant and durable – some materials like glass, colours or types of fabric are more prone to damage and deterioration
  • At a sustainable or commercially viable price point

It’s important to have an understanding of what quality of stock will be supplied in the course of your property styling.   To determine this you need to be able to consider where and how your stylist is sourcing stock and from who.  We are open about the stockists and suppliers we have used in our business.  We are proud of our suppliers and use suppliers whose product we are in turn proud to use.

You can check out our suppliers here.


Age and Condition of Property Styling Stock

The turnover of stock can also impact the overall effect of the staging.  A property stylist may have the highest quality lounge but if it has been moved 52 times over three years, it will inevitably begin to show signs of wear and tear.

As a guide the Jim’s Property Styling stock is on average 18 months old (as at June 2017) and we have a plan for property styling stock rotation that involves turning over stock either when its damaged and cannot be repaired without visual impact or its stained or marked and can’t be professionally cleaned.  Otherwise our ideal stock rotation involves:

  • Major Furniture Items – 3 years
  • Lighting – 2 years
  • Art – 2 years
  • Linen – 2 years
  • Rugs – 2 years
  • Accessories – 12 months
  • Cushions and Soft Furnishings – 12 months

At the end of its useful life (to us) we make our Jim’s Property Styling Stock (much of which is still in amazing condition) available online for purchase and will sometimes make slightly damaged stock available through here too.

Jim's Property Styling Stock Melbourne

Professional Advice – Tips for time poor Vendors

If you are time poor, consider using a Vendor Advocate.  They will generally charge you percentage of the sale price or other similar fee structure.

But be careful if they are taking a cut out of the Agent’s commission because it may compromise their impartiality.  They are essentially there to keep the Agent honest.

Vendor advocates can also assist you to find an agent, which may help if you are selling a property interstate, but again watch out for any potential conflicts of interest by specifically asking if they get commissions or fees or any other reward for referring real estate agents.

It’s certainly not necessary to use one, but I’d advise it if your work or other commitments mean that you are likely to be out of town during the sale period.

You may also want to consider a Vendor Advocate in some circumstances of financial or time pressured sales or where the person selling the home may otherwise be considered vulnerable. This may assist if the person is aged or frail or without strong advocates working for them.

I’ve never personally worked with a Vendor Advocate but have heard good things about Ian Reid Vendor Advocacy here in Melbourne.


Keen to learn more? Download a copy of our free E-Book, The Jim’s Guide to Selling Your Home For More.

Our E-Book provides a step by step guide through the planning and preparation stages involved in selling your home.


You can also claim a free consultation with a member of our Jim’s Interior Design Team.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing your home for sale is often really stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here is our quick guide on what to do to make the most of your home sale and save your sanity in the process.

Starting out, you have to somehow see your home as potential buyers will, not as the place you raised your children or the home you renovated with blood, sweat and tears.

View your home objectively

You need to clearly identify the buyer objections, the repairs and maintenance, you’ve been putting off or that feature wall which may not appeal to the masses. You need to set aside the value your possessions hold for you.

This is the main reason that a Home Stager or Property Stylist makes such a dramatic difference to the sale of a home.  They can view it independent of the love and history the homeowner feels for the property.

I will come to your home, complete an internal and external walk through, take photos and measurements to support this objective assessment. If you are DIYing your home staging, you can ask a friend or colleague for objective feedback as well (just promise not to bite their head off if they don’t share your interior decorating tastes).

Consult your professionals

As a property stylist I consider the selling environment, consult with your estate agent about your strategy and target market and then make recommendations about the repairs, improvements, styling and staging that will best position you to make the most money and achieve a quick sale.

We’ll summarise this information in a report for you to choose like a checklist. The report lists strategies and you can then choose what you want to DIY and those jobs you’d prefer a tradie to do for you.

Repairs and Cosmetic Renovations

Importantly we also have our finger on the pulse of the quick cosmetic improvements most likely to generate a strong return on investment. Where possible and if requested, we can include or organise quotations for the works from across our trade crew contacts.

If you don’t go on to use our home staging services, the report does have a cost but if you do go on to use our Home Staging and Trade Crew Services, there is no charge.

Finding the Funds for Repairs, Renovations and Staging With Jim’s you can also elect to Layby almost everything so the cost of repairs, improvements and styling is mostly deferred until after your sale.

Many property investors do this as it makes sense to keep as much cash in your pockets or high interest earning accounts for the longest time.

It’s also hard to find a quick $3-5k for the repairs and staging you’d like to do to increase your return on investment.

Once you’ve finished this planning and preparation it’s time to get into the business of staging your home for sale.


Keen to learn more? Download a copy of our free E-Book, The Jim’s Guide to Selling Your Home For More.

Our E-Book provides a step by step guide through the planning and preparation stages involved in selling your home.


You can also claim a free consultation with a member of our Jim’s Interior Design Team.