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Dulux Colour Trends 2018 Blue Biro

Melbourne Property Styling Blog Inspiration

Even Property Stylists need inspiration from time to time.

After styling homes across Melbourne day in and day out, we are always on the hunt for new, effective and compelling ways to display accessories, hang art, style a bed and arrange cushions.

Here are some of the places that we get our Property Styling Inspo fixes.

Have I missed any gems?  Comment below and tell me the property styling and interior design blogs that get you fired up (creatively).

If you are hunting down the latest Colour Trends, insights from international fairs,  how to tips and hints and much more, you’ll find local Melbourne based property styling inspiration in these blogs.

Even now, despite our experiences in hundreds of living rooms across Melbourne, we can still be surprised by tricky room layouts and confounding focal points.  That’s why I love articles like this one from Chris Carroll of TLC.  Its those handy and often practical ways to reassess a space to get the best out of it.  If something in the layout of furniture at home is not right with you then check out this Blog Post.

We are refreshing our Melbourne Property Styling themes.  If you are familiar with our work you may note that we have three key property styling themes, Mod Oz, Global Luxe and Nordic Coast.  These themes are currently going through a refresh and we are building out Property Styling & Renovation Guides to complement them.  So I was super excited to read Rebecca Judd’s review of the latest colour trends by Dulux.  My favourite new season colours are Flooded Gum, Mornington, Century Mist, Smokey Quartz, Ruski, Blue Biro and well, almost all of them!

Check them all out here.


*Image Credit: Dulux, Styling Bree Leech, photography Lisa Cohen.

Nordic Coastal

Cleverly integrate Scandinavian and Hampton’s interior design trends and you get Nordic Coastal. A subdued, highly textural theme appealing to inner urban, mature and fashion forward first home buyers.

Nordic Coastal features:

  • White on white
  • Creams and beiges
  • Soft to mid greys
  • Chocolate browns
  • Dusty blues and pints
  • Hints of lavender

Materials used in Nordic Coastal include:

  • Blonde and white timbers
  • Distressed timber finishes
  • Faux fur and hide
  • Wicker and rattan
  • Flax linens and wool
  • Gloss and matte ceramics

Global Luxe

Global Luxe is all about understated elegance mixed with the eclectic and worldly. Its refined, classical and a little more moody.

Global Luxe features:

  • Black and whites
  • Creams and beiges
  • Mid to dark greys
  • Hints of petrol blue
  • Pops of luscious green found in house plants

Materials of the Global Luxe theme include:

  • Darker wood tones
  • Brass and Bronze
  • Leather
  • Marble and Stone
  • Tinted Glass
  • Matte Ceramics
  • Grass Cloth