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Melbourne Property Styling Blogs

Dulux Colour Trends 2018 Blue Biro

Melbourne Property Styling Blog Inspiration

Even Property Stylists need inspiration from time to time.

After styling homes across Melbourne day in and day out, we are always on the hunt for new, effective and compelling ways to display accessories, hang art, style a bed and arrange cushions.

Here are some of the places that we get our Property Styling Inspo fixes.

Have I missed any gems?  Comment below and tell me the property styling and interior design blogs that get you fired up (creatively).

If you are hunting down the latest Colour Trends, insights from international fairs,  how to tips and hints and much more, you’ll find local Melbourne based property styling inspiration in these blogs.

Even now, despite our experiences in hundreds of living rooms across Melbourne, we can still be surprised by tricky room layouts and confounding focal points.  That’s why I love articles like this one from Chris Carroll of TLC.  Its those handy and often practical ways to reassess a space to get the best out of it.  If something in the layout of furniture at home is not right with you then check out this Blog Post.

We are refreshing our Melbourne Property Styling themes.  If you are familiar with our work you may note that we have three key property styling themes, Mod Oz, Global Luxe and Nordic Coast.  These themes are currently going through a refresh and we are building out Property Styling & Renovation Guides to complement them.  So I was super excited to read Rebecca Judd’s review of the latest colour trends by Dulux.  My favourite new season colours are Flooded Gum, Mornington, Century Mist, Smokey Quartz, Ruski, Blue Biro and well, almost all of them!

Check them all out here.


*Image Credit: Dulux, Styling Bree Leech, photography Lisa Cohen.

Property Styling Suppliers

We’ve included in this post some of our primary suppliers of Property Styling Stock so that you can make an informed decision about which property stylist to use.  We’ve made a decision not use budget or cheap options for property styling stock for a couple of reasons.

  1. The quality doesn’t withstand the rigours of property styling work.
  2. It’s evident.

So here are some of major suppliers of furniture and accessories for you to check out.

Property Styling Suppliers – Furniture

Our main furniture items are supplied in Melbourne by wholesalers like:


SK Designer Living



Property Styling Suppliers – Cushions and Throws


Madras Link

IDC Creations



Property Styling – Floor Rugs


IDC Creations

United Interiors

Property Styling – Art Suppliers

United Interiors


Property Styling – Accessory Suppliers



Nel Lusso



Property Styling – Lighting Suppliers

SK Living





If you know of anyone passionate about property, renovating and interior design we are quickly expanding nationally and are offering franchises as well as just one Regional Management opportunity in each state. 

Property Styling Prices in Melbourne

Property Styling Prices Melbourne

Would you like to know more about property styling prices in Melbourne?

In our Melbourne Property Styling Price Guide you’ll get reliable data from the 2016/17 financial year about both the property styling prices but also and more importantly your expected return on investment.

How would you like to make $1947 for every $1 you invest? Me too!

Well that is what our client’s have averaged over the past year.  That’s a return on investment that is up there with some of the most trusted and reliable home improvements before sale.  The RoI comes in time savings, peace of mind and physical dollars in your back pocket.  It’s important to understand property styling pricing in the context of it’s rewards and returns.

Property Styling Prices – Melbourne 2016/17

  • Average price of all property styling services in Melbourne 2016/17


  • Average price of *Partial Property Styling – Melbourne


  • Average price of Full Property Styling – Melbourne


*Partial Property Styling refers to usually owner occupied homes where only some furniture and accessories are provided along with design support.  This could also include vacant properties where the vendor elects to exclude some rooms from the property styling project.

Property Styling Melbourne
Property Stylists Melbourne

Property Styling Prices – Melbourne 2016/17

  • 1 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average*


  • 2 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average


  • 3 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average


  • 4 Bedroom Property Styling Price Average




*The average referred to is inclusive of both partial and full property styling services for homes of the nominated size.

Property Styling Prices – Benefits and RoI

  • Reduction in Days on Market

    37% reduction in days on market.  Homes we style sell on average 36 days faster than the suburb average.  This is a direct return on investment, saving you real dollars in mortgage payments.

  • Improvement on Suburb Clearance rate

    20% improvement on suburb clearance is achieved, which means that your chances of selling are improved. 98% property styled by us sells which equals peace of mind for you.  The current clearance rate in Melbourne hovers around the mid 70% mark.

  • Sell your home for more

    8% improvement on the suburb average and 5% improvement on your advertised price is achieved on average through property styling.  For our customers over the past year that has meant an extra $61,500 on average in real dollars in their back pocket come the final sale price.

  • Return on Investment

    For every $1 invested in property styling with us, our clients are averaging a return of $1947.  Not bad, if we don’t say so ourselves!

Property Styling Melbourne Fitzroy

Why the difference in Property Styling Prices between 3 and 4 Bed Homes?

The main reason for the jump in the average property styling prices for a 4 bedroom home (compared to a 3 bedroom home) is due to the fact that most 4 bed homes will have a second living space.

They are also more likely to have a study and a secondary dining space (ie a formal dining and an informal meals space).  It is often the case that homes of this size will also have more than one outdoor space.  Often these areas will have larger entry or foyer and hall spaces as well.

Ultimately it’s not the 4th Bedroom that adds so much to the property styling price but the ancillary rooms that come with larger homes.


If you know of anyone passionate about property, renovating and interior design we are quickly expanding nationally and are offering franchises as well as just one Regional Management opportunity in each state. 

TIP – Use a Vendor’s Advocate

Advice on Vendor Advocacy from Melbourne’s Property Styling Experts

If you are time poor consider using a Vendor Advocate. They will generally charge you percentage of the sale price or other similar fee structure.

It’s certainly not necessary but I’d advise it if your work or other commitments mean that you are likely to be out of town during the sale period.

You may also want to consider a Vendor Advocate in some circumstances of financial or time pressured sales or where the person selling the home may otherwise be considered vulnerable.

Tip – Find and retain the best real estate agents

Tips from an Expert Property Stylist on how to Find the Best Real Estate Agent – for you!

Meet with some agents and invite them to do an appraisal on your property for free.

Keep in mind the Agent suggesting the highest achievable price for your property is not necessarily the

best one.

Armed with your own Property Valuation or Research, the heat and pressure is taken out of an Appraisal because you already have a clear understanding of what your property is worth.

You can focus on what’s likely to matter more such as:

» How well they communicate with you and keep you informed

» The value of their property marketing package

» Their understanding of and presence in the local market

You can and should ask for the details of the last three people they sold a home for and maybe a couple of

people whose properties they are currently marketing.

Grab a cuppa and make some calls. Ask about their experience and outcome and it will help you make a great decision.

Tom Panos says, there are no blind dates in Real Estate and that’s never been more true. There is a lot of publicly available data on which agency is selling what, who is getting top dollar and suburb records and more review and comparison websites than you can poke a stick at.

You may even want to rethink whether you need a traditional estate agent at all. There are a lot of great alternatives entering the market place that are disrupting the traditional real estate industry model of high commissions. Some of them like Hello Real Estate and Purple Bricks offer flat fixed fees instead.

Tip – Property Research to help you sell your home confidently

Tips from Melbourne’s Expert Property Stylists – Property Research will Help you Sell your Home with Confidence.

There are a couple of paths to go down here. When you aren’t relying on Agents, your Neighbour, your

Father in Law or someone from work to tell you what your property is worth, believe me you’ll sleep better

at night.

Professional Property Valuation

If you are time poor and can afford the upfront cost of around $900-$1,200 get your own property valuation. Yep, property valuations are not just for bankers. You can either get a desktop valuation which would suffice or a full valuation which includes a site visit. The beauty of your own valuation is that they will do the research for you and they will consider recent, relevant sales data in your area and then overlay a other variables to come up with a valuation of your home.

Property Data Services

Alternatively, look up a reputable provider of Real Estate Data; I suggest subscribing for just 1-3 months to

Core Logic for example. You’ll get live, current access to sales results without scrolling through auction results on a Sunday morning. You’ll also get access to the back history of property sales in your area and information about which agents sold what properties.